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Bike.POP offers a complete maintenance shop for all bicycles. With a fast and convenient service, in an excellent location in Lisbon, we ensure proximity and minimize the impact of distance.


We work with list prices, with a discriminated list of services, so that our work is transparent and you know thoroughly what has been done, as well as all the parts that we placed or replaced.

We also ensure Base and Complete Maintenances so that you ride safely without any incidents.

Our social objective is promoting the bike, and being located in a peculiar area such as Intendente, we explain in detail about all the bike problems and respective solutions, so that you’re able to control your costs.

With an endless list of parts, from the most economic to the most sophisticated, we solve problems with either the most classic bike to the most recent equipments.

Bike.POP also has special conditions for fleet maintenance, with pickup and delivery in place. Contact us for more information.

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