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We love bicycles! We’ve been using this folding bike for over 10 years, allowing us to experience the city and life itself with a different perspective.

Bike.POP is a reference Brompton and Kalkhoff shop in Lisbon and Portugal. With a permanent exhibition of over twenty bikes and a complete set of bags, parts and accessories, we offer our customers an unforgettable experience so they can choose the most adequate bike.

Following countless visits to the factories, including continuous workshops, our experience translates into a fast and exquisite service. We even have all the specific brands tools to guarantee a professional and exclusive service in Portugal. The parts’ stock is permanently updated so that each and every Brompton or Kalkhoff can be repaired without delays.

The purchase of a Brompton or a Kalkhoff is a thorough process, and the numerous variables allow distinct configurations! With such a number of options, it is important to account stature, weight and the rider’s physical conditions, as well as a detailed analysis of all the scenarios in which the bike will be used. We have over 10 years experience with the brand and we want to share it with everybody.

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